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The Challenges

Crafting amazing experiences

Most businesses fail to understand the importance of design to lead the user to a desired behavior. A bad experience can even push them away and they may never come back. After all, design is not only aesthetics, it’s more importantly about providing an intuitive interface that clearly speaks to your audience.

If you are here, you probably understand that it's not enough to only have a digital presence, you also have to stand out and deliver a WOW experience.

Did you know?

of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.


more conversions can be achieved on sites with a "superior user experience."


of users stopped using or deleted an app due to a poor experience.

Pengreen Design was created thinking about people like you, businesses like yours. Our mission is to improve the overall experience users have when using websites and apps, increasing conversion, brand trust and loyalty, while reducing time and money wasted on rework later on development.

Proudly born in Brazil, our design company has been in business since 2014, mainly working with long-term partners to help them deliver better experiences to their clients, with a small but focused and highly experienced team of designers.

Trusted by our clients

Why Us

The value we deliver

We truly love working with interfaces, which has driven us to improve ourselves over the years, excelling at our expertise and adding value to our clients' product. We're passionate by applying best practices, creating awesome products, analyzing and tailoring the content according to the audience.

Throughout our projects, we are always thinking of how the final user will react to each screen of the interfaces. Since the wireframe phase, we can analyze your users' behavior and tweak the drafts in order to increase the conversion and the user's satisfaction.
During the UI/Visual Design phase, we implement the best practices that will guarantee the success of your project in terms of interface and turn it into a beautiful product. As an optional service, we can also follow your product performance post-launch and keep tweaking the design according to the users' feedback and UX analysis.

Finally, our deliverables will allow you to save time - and money - after the project is finished, by simplifying post-delivery tasks such as slicing, coding interactions and animations, and editing the website.

  • Briefing & Content
    Analysis & Wireframe
    UI/Visual Design
  • Development
    Testing & Delivery
If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar
Our Clients

Global, Remote

Our team works remotely and with flexible hours, making our company 100% digital and that doesn't stay local. Therefore, we are able to handle projects of clients worldwide. We've been working with companies from several countries, such as United States, Australia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, and of course Brazil.